Ultimate Retro Gaming Kit (NES) *Limited Supply*
Ultimate Retro Gaming Kit (NES) *Limited Supply*
Ultimate Retro Gaming Kit (NES) *Limited Supply*
Ultimate Retro Gaming Kit (NES) *Limited Supply*

Ultimate Retro Gaming Kit (NES) *Limited Supply*

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Complete Raspberry Pi 3 B with Case/Controller/2500 Games and Retropie!

This is the most simple plug and play kit you can get. Why settle for an SNES Classic or NES Classic, when you can have thousands of games at your finger tips? This features a Raspberry Pi 3 B that has been already installed for you in a beautiful case with fan and two heat stinks. Additionally a power cable is included. Also included is a 16GB SD Card that's fully loaded with Retropie and over 2500 games from all your favorite classic consoles. 
As an added bonus, I am including ONE SNES Style USB controller. 
Simply plug this up to your TV via HDMI and you're playing in minutes. No fuss no hassle. 
These are pre-built and ready to ship from Sunny Southwest Florida.

What's included:
Raspberry Pi 3 B - preinstalled
High-end Pi 3 case with heat stinks/fans installed
SNES Style USB Controller (One)
Power Cable!
HDMI Cable!

16 GB Sandisk MicroSD card fully loaded with over 2500 Games

Super Nintendo (SNES) – Over 750 Games! (Tons of awesome mods & hacks!)
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 950+ Games
Atari 2600 – 50+ Games
Atari 7800 – 35+ Games
Atari Lynx - 25+ Games 
Game Gear – 75+ Games
Game Boy – 100+ Games
Game Boy Advance – 100+ Games
Game Boy Color – 100+ Games
Mega Drive / Genesis (Sega) - 220 + Games
Nintendo 64 – 205+ Games – Please note, this doesn’t run super smooth with Rasperry Pi.
Neo Geo Pocket - 9 Games
Neo Geo Pocket Color – 20+ Games
PC Engine / TurboGrafx 16 – 40 + One of my favorites growing up!
Sega 32X – 36 Games
Virtual Boy - 20 Games

Note: This is a fantastic way to keep your old classic games/consoles in mint-condition. Why put wear and tear on collectibles? Play all your favorites on here and keep your collection mint.